Parks Motor Company

We make buying your used car with used car finance nice and easy!

At Parks Motor Company we want to make buying your next car as simple and smooth as possible - so when it comes to financing your next used car we have excellent terms with a number of reputable finance companies who specialise in finance agreements specifically for the motor trade. If you wish to purchase your car on finance, we will seek out the best deal for you and your needs.

Finance Is Available On All Cars*

  • Settle any outstanding finance (even if you owe more than your car's value)
  • Upgrade your car
  • Reduce your payments
  • Low deposit and regular payments lets you afford the car you want

Looking to 'Drive Away the Same Day' You MUST bring with you:

  • DRIVING LICENCE (Holders of photo ID licence must bring counterpart)

Why not search our list of used cars to see what you can afford with our excellent terms and used car finance deals!! Click here to go to our used car showroom

Why Finance Through a Dealership

What Is Hire Purchase?

What is Personal Contract Purchase?

Our Application Process

  1. Apply online
  2. Upon receipt, we will review you application and refer it to one of our finance providers who will run a credit check on you and verify identity and check for affordability and sustainability based on your income
  3. Upon us being notified of your acceptance we will contact you to arrange collection of your chosen vehicle
  4. If for any reason your application is not accepted with our first choice finance provider we may try with our other finance providers who we believe are likely to accept your application. These Finance providers will also need to run a credit check and may require further information as part of their processes.
  5. Once accepted we would provide you with a copy of the pre-contract agreement for review prior to signing the finance agreement
  6. If for any reason, we are unable to obtain a finance acceptance on your behalf with any of our limited chosen finance providers you will be informed, normally be means of a phone call

  7. Our Partners | Your Peace Of Mind

    Go Car Credit
    Evolution Funding
    KMC Credit
    First Response Finance
    Experian Autocheck
    AA Partner
    A1 Warranties